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About The Club

The original Supporters Club was formed in the early 90s and was on the go for over 10 years. The current Supporters Club came into existence in 2011 and includes some of the original members. In the current season we have over 100 signed up members.

We fly out to Molineux for every home game of the season, as well as conducting meetings in the 4 provinces of Ireland each year. Our AGM normally takes place in Dublin early in the season. We are one of Wolves longest standing and biggest Supporters Clubs and are an original member of the Official Worldwide network. We were awarded “Overseas Supporters Club of the Season” in 2018/19.

If you fancy joining us as a member, coming to any of our meetings or travelling with us to Molineux then contact Tony our Irish Wolves Branch Chairman today. Visit our website www.irishwolves.org for details. A really friendly group of mad passionate Wolves fans enjoying the rise of our Club back to the upper echelons of The Premier League.

Listen to our interview with Wolves Radio below:

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