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Charlie Hunter

Presidente do clube | Calgary Wolves

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Calgary Wolves run by Charlie Hunter, formed this season and welcoming all to join in with us on the journey of seeing Wolves move up to the upper echelons of the Premier League.

Official Name: Calgary Wolves

Known Locally As: Calgary Wolves

Established: August 2018

Awarded Official Status: October 2018

Our Branch Meets At: 651 Everridge Dr SW Calgary

Our Branch Motto Is: Wolves Ay We

Current Membership: 22

Interesting Facts About Our Branch:

  • Members come ridiculously early to watch games at 8 a.m. or earlier;
  • Calgary Wolves provides a free hot buffet breakfast with vegetarian options for our game viewings;
  • Membership is growing;
  • Members have attended the WWW supporters’ lounge and games at Molineux after obtaining tickets through Worldwide Wolves;
  • We have attracted members by wearing our Wolves’ shirts to Cavalry FC games in the Canadian Premier League and elsewhere;
  • One new member only started watching soccer two years ago after previously having no interest. All his friends had EPL teams so he chose Wolves based on the logo and Nuno’s style of play;
  • We have one member who is a Dean in an Argentinian university who has become a passionate Wolves fan after couch surfing at our house;
  • One member, a long-time Wolves’ fan, joined Calgary Wolves after he saw the Wolves’ fan sticker on our car while he was looking for our geocache in the alley behind our house;
  • Another long-time Wolves’ fan joined after seeing our ad on Kijiji, the principal on-line classified ad site in Canada;
  • Another member was recommended to us by Colin Hargreaves, father of Owen Hargreaves, who runs a great Calgary bar, The Three Crowns;
  • All Hunter weddings feature a rousing rendition of Nuno Had  Dream and a photo in Wolves’ gear;
  • One member and his wife were at the FC Puynik Europa League game in Armenia in fall 2019, after obtaining tickets through his travel agent in Yerevan, so there were actually 2 more Wolves’ fans than the small number reported!


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Para mim foi uma honra e um privilégio estar na abertura do Wolves Worldwide Lounge. Como antigo jogador e como adepto deste grande clube, foi fantástico poder conviver com adeptos de todas as partes do mundo. Estou ansioso por ver os nossos clubes espalhados por todas as partes do globo.

- Mel Eves