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Terje Melheim

Presidente do clube | Viking Wolves

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VikingWolves: founded 1989

Members: 245


Viking Wolves were founded in 1989 by Pål Øverby and Veli Rnkovic.
The two classmates had received interest in the ancient greatness of the Midlands that had worn down in the divisions, but who had a fantastic scorer and later an England lnternational, Steve Bull. Pål and Veli made the first editions of “The Wolf” (which became the Supporters Club magazine) on a copier at Pål’s fathers home, and ran the club for over a decade before Svein Solberg took over the baton. Svein eventually got Dagfinn Stokkenes and Asle Frøkedal on the team. Today, Viking wolves is run by Dagfinn Stokkenes and Terje Melheim, and has 245 members in 2021.


We announce places to see our matches at our Facebook-page. Follow us to join the pack.


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Para mim foi uma honra e um privilégio estar na abertura do Wolves Worldwide Lounge. Como antigo jogador e como adepto deste grande clube, foi fantástico poder conviver com adeptos de todas as partes do mundo. Estou ansioso por ver os nossos clubes espalhados por todas as partes do globo.

- Mel Eves