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We are Wolves Vietnam, founded back in 2012 with a small group of fans at the time in Hanoi, our capital city. Although we have been around for more than a decade, in the first few years we were just a small page and normally posted news and information about the club we love in Vietnamese. But since the pandemic, especially at the end of 2021, we started to gather around more and enjoy matches together.

Our aim is to bring the Pack mentality all the way across the globe to this beautiful Vietnam and we are always hungry to have a larger fanbase day by day. Although we have a lot of “new fans” as the club now kind of settled in the top-flight, our core or leader group are all die hard fans who have all followed the club for more than ten years.

We usually meet at Puku Cafe & Sports Bar in 16-18 Tong Duy Tan, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Make sure to inform us over on our Facebook page if you have never come here before so we can help you to get there. Apart from watching games together, we also have other activities such as lifestyle photoshoot or repping Wolves in normal life or some events we participated in.

For everyone who is in Vietnam or will come to our country at some point, we will always welcome members of the Wolves family to join us and raise the Wolves flag high in this beautiful Southeast Asia land.


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Para mim foi uma honra e um privilégio estar na abertura do Wolves Worldwide Lounge. Como antigo jogador e como adepto deste grande clube, foi fantástico poder conviver com adeptos de todas as partes do mundo. Estou ansioso por ver os nossos clubes espalhados por todas as partes do globo.

- Mel Eves