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Carl Pickering

Presidente do clube | Vancouver Wolves

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‘Born and bred in Codsall before moving to Toronto for 2 years, and now in Vancouver – Carl is a die-hard Wolves fan who is keen to bring the pack mentality to the Pacific coast in Canada.

The ambition for this group is to grow Wolves’ fanbase in Vancouver, and create a community where people can get together to watch games at a designated Wolves bar (TBD!).

We look forward to having you in the pack and details will be updated here soon. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining me on this journey following Wolves.

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Para mim foi uma honra e um privilégio estar na abertura do Wolves Worldwide Lounge. Como antigo jogador e como adepto deste grande clube, foi fantástico poder conviver com adeptos de todas as partes do mundo. Estou ansioso por ver os nossos clubes espalhados por todas as partes do globo.

- Mel Eves