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Official Wolves Supporters Club for Thailand, join us today! #Wolvesayewe Proud to be in the pack.

Official Name:  Worldwide Wolves Phuket

Locally known as: Phuket Wolves

Established: 2005

Awarded Official Status: 2018

Our Branch meets at: Kingdom Cafe, Tesco Lotus Mall, Samkong, Phuket, Thailand

Our Branch Motto is: A Tenebris ad Lucem (out of Darkness cometh Light)

Interesting Facts About our Branch:  We first connected with Molineux through Baroness Rachel Flint following the Tsunami of 2004.  3000 Wolves shirts were donated to us following a shirt amnesty and they were distributed to refugees in the area in 2005.  Only one of our members actually comes from Wolverhampton (our Chairman Brian Burton)… he’s recruited all the others to the Old Gold and Black.  We have a Wolves themed Cafe… any Wolves supporter visiting the cafe gets 10% discount on all food and beverages on proof of being a loyal fan!

Our Cafe sponsored a Wolves Academy Training Camp in Phuket in 2019 Our new café is up and running in Tesco Mall, Phuket… all Wolves fans get 10% off… whenever the borders re-open. We’re easy to spot… look out for the gold and black!

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