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New South Wales Wolves Supporters Club is registered in New South Wales, Australia. A state on the east coast of the country whose capital is world famous Sydney.

” The aim of our club is to bring together all like-minded supporters and provide them with an informative network which includes our website and social media platforms. While we actively come together for games and social events, enabling us to keep our members updated with all things Wolves.”

New South Wales spans from Albury, South of Sydney which includes ACT, up to Tweeds Heads in the North and out to Bourke in the West. The state has a population of nearly eight million people, a total Land area of 800,642 km² which covers 10.4 percent of Australia. The New South Wales coastline is 2137 km long. Almost 1000 km’s longer than Land’s End to John O’Groats in the UK.

We are always looking to increase our fan base across NSW,  and will always welcome new members and make time for supporters visiting NSW Australia and provide local advice and enhance your Australian experience with first-hand knowledge/experience of the country.

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