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Worldwide Wolves


Milan Wolves

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Luca Lugarini

Presidente del club | Milan Wolves

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Luca Lugarini Chairman welcomes any Wolves Supporters in Milan or Italy to join up with our Supporters Club branch.


If you want to join us as a member, participate in one of our meetings or participate in Wolves matches at Molineux, contact us by email or via social media channels.

We are a really small group of fans and wolf enthusiasts who want to enjoy the rise of our club at the top of the Premier League.

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Responde para te juntares

Fue un honor y privilegio asistir a la apertura de Worldwide Wolves Lounge en octubre. Como ex jugador y fiel seguidor del club, siempre es maravilloso conocer a los fanáticos de los Wolves de alrededor del mundo.

- Mel Eves