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Supporters Club Name : Leicestershire Wolves
Chairman Name : Derek Bowater
Contact Email Address : derek.bowater@googlemail.com
Founded : January 2018
Awarded Official Status : November 2018
Founders : Derek Bowater, Warren Powers, Louise, Jay Williams.
Place : On our way to Barnsley
Members : 25
Facebook : Leicestershire Wolves

Branch Organiser : Warren Powers

Pre Match Meet : The Great Western or The Grain store Wolverhampton

Ground Meet : Fanzone
Molineux Meet : Members gather pre-match in the Worldwide Wolves Lounge

Social Meet : Any curry house in Leicestershire

Best away days together –  Wembley Semi Final (apart from the result!) – Southampton weekend away – Leicester away (if we win) – Besikas away – Espanyol and of course the first one – Barnsley away .


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